Edmond Ruitenberg This is my Curriculum Vitae. Currently the only English page on this site. For more information You can e-mail me.


Name:Ruitenberg, Edmond N.C.


Basic: 1962- 1970Leiden University, Medicine.

Postgraduate training

1972Flight surgeon, US-Navy, Pensacola, 6 months; and graduation
1973Cardiology, basic training and fellowship.
1974Radiationprotection course Inst. of Preventive Medicine Leiden, the Netherlands
1977trainingcourse for occupational health.

Working experience

1971- 1977 Flight Surgeon Royal Netherlands Navy
1977- 2006 General practitioner, soloist; with pharmacy and obstetrics, Schagen, 17- 18.000 inhabitants, 5- 6 doctors.
latest registration: 2004, duration 5 years.
1977- 1993 medical advisor for occupational health for: Bedrijfsvereniging voor de Gezondheidszorg.
1982- 2004 medical trainer of general practitioners; University of Amsterdam Instit. Of General Practise and Family Medecin.
1980- 2004 Occupational health officer, nr, for company working in oil exploration in North Sea Occupational health officer, nr, for Neth. Continental Shelf and UK plat.
1984- 2004 founder/ director, later medical advisor "Medische Dienst Continentaal plat, MDCP".
1991- 2005 Medical advisor Telemedicin Advice Centre for ships, TMAS, of Neth. Red Cross, later Neth. Coastguard and Royal Neth. Rescue Company IJmuiden.
2005 - 2009 Tasmania and Australia, part time locum